Friday, June 10, 2011

Shopping Scott's

This morning Bird and I were up and at 'em EARLY!  At the crack of dawn, we had to meet with our landscaper at the new house (more on that later) and decided we should just keep on driving south and spend the rest of our morning doing a little junkin' at Scott's.  Scott Antiques Market, the world's largets indoor antiques show, comes to town the second weekend of each month.  If you haven't been yet, go ahead and add it to your calendar for next month.  Even if I'm not in the market for anything in particular, it's a great place to look and I always seem to find something I've got to have and didn't even know it.  I rarely miss a month and let me tell you - I don't know if I've ever seen the same things there twice.  If you like it, you'd better buy it!  I once did not buy a little table that I absolutely fell in love with...a little drawer, real key hole, long tapered legs.  Boy was it an ordeal to track the guy with the table down and get him to bring it for me the next month!!!  I have to give credit to the Mister for totally making that happen.

Bird was thourouhly entertained by all of the "PUPPIES!" (pretty much every vendor at the market has their dog with them), popcorn, chips, and drinks.  It was nice to leasurely browse the rows and rows of treasures.  I was not planning on purchasing anything, but came home with a few goodies...

This mirror, in my signature color of blue/grey/green,
possibly for the powder room, but could go in any room of the new house.

ignore the boxes - I feel like we live in a warehouse right now

Chalk paint!  For my upcoming painting party with Sister and Mother. 

Six antique sea bird prints that will be framed
for a grouping in the new dining room. 

Bird's Mama

P.S. Scott, I'm really sorry I'll miss you next month,
but I must pay a visit to Rosemary.  You know how she is...


  1. I wish I lived in Atlanta or nearby, and could visit Scott's every month. Thanks for the vicarious trip! And I am LOVING the mirror you snatched up too :-)

  2. I am going with you sometime soon. It's been months since I have been. Major withdrawal...


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