Friday, January 13, 2012

The Year of the Bird

Ok, so I was really horrible at blogging about Jay Bird last year.  Here's our recap of 2011 in photos...what a year!


{jay's first haircut}

{visiting horses at the polo field, monster jam truck rally...
yes we're fans! checking the house construction,
hanging out at westside provisions}

{savannah trip...beach picnic, impromptu swim at tybee, st. patrick's day}


{atlanta march of dimes walk...go team jay walkers!}


{cousin jj's little league baseball game...pretending to play, 
atl hawks basketball game, the masters,
pimento cheese sandwiches at the masters...yum!}

{mother's day at the swan coach house, sweet piper,
at lala and epaw's dock in savannah, jay turns 2!} 


{birthday party at the pool, braves game for father's day,
hospital stay for exploratory surgery, bff cookie visits at the hospital}


{pirate ship cruise, annual rosemary beach vacation,
fourth of july, more house construction}

{moving day...finally!, first day of preschool, PK2 classroom}


{georgia tech football game...on the field with daddy}


{pumpkin patch, boston trip, atlanta zoo
mother-son cowboy party at school, halloween,
playing on the inchworm before trick-or-treating}


{big surgery...feeding tube placement for failure to thrive,
mimi & pawpaw visit and bring lots of cars,
cousin jj's cowboy party, playing in the leaves, happy boy at
chuck-e-cheese with lala & epaw}

{cousin cookie's  mickey mouse party, visit with santa,
riding in daddy's new bike trailer!}
{christmas morning}

Last year definitely had it's ups and downs, but we are truly blessed.  Here's to regular blog posts about Bird in I don't have thousands of photos to go thru at the end of year!  This child must have felt like he had the papparattzi following him around!!!

Bird's Momma
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