Monday, June 6, 2011

Number 4261

Four years ago we purchased a little tiny piece of property with a tear down house.  Right after that, the housing market totally went to he** in a handbasket.  We spent the last few years dreaming, drawing plans, saving, putting our current home on the market, taking it off the market, and putting offers on other houses.  We just about gave up and then found the perfect general contractor and decided that now was the time to finally take the plunge and build our forever home.  We are very excited to be close to moving day and I can't wait to show y'all the "virtual decor" plans for each room and then the actual home tour once we move in and get settled.  Here's the construction process of Number 4261 so far...


four years ago

no, that is not the tear down house :) this was the shed behind the house which we left up after the house came down to maybe reuse some of the concrete foundation for our garage

Breaking ground in 2010
first dig!

concrete poured for the basement and framing started

other happenings
Bird's first haircut!

the great snowfall of 2011

now, back to the house

I feel like Bird has grown up on a construction site!

friends entry, mudroom, garage, and breakfast room
oh - and the Mister on his blackberry

not sure what the smoke looking thing is on the right of the photo, but
i really hope it's not a sign the haunt in our current home is going to come with us!
back view from the carraige house

current progress
here's how the house looks today

a little preview of the inside!


Now I'm off to pack a few boxes and purchase doorbells!



  1. Love all of these except the one of me on my blackberry

  2. All I can say is W.O.W. The new home is beautiful! Can't wait to see it.


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